How to get Antigravs and Heaters
Created: 2012-12-30 06:36:25
     So in this article I will tell you where to look for Antigravs and Heaters that you will be using to craft some of the items, and what dangers wait for you in those places.

     Let me start with this map and then I will describe points shown on it.

Locations of antigravs in Lubech

     The closest point where you can find antigravs is 1, to get antigravs there you need to kill witches that spawns in circle there, antigrav drop rate is around 4-5% (not measured accurately). But don't go to this place unprepared or you will fall into one of many traps, first of, don't rush to kill witches, take your time going there since this place is surrounded by normal anomalies that you may easily die to. Additionaly to that there are many teleportation anomalies near the center that will most likely take you into center of some other anomaly and you will be dead quickly. Solution for this is not going too close into center of that place but rather staying far and trying to lure witches to you, killing witches inside will make you need to go inside to loot antigrav if they drop it and it may result in you dying if you get teleported so don't kill witches from far cause nobody benefits from it. Next thing to look at in this place is fortification that is close by just a little to north-west, if it is capture time and you go too close it may mean that you will need to respawn in some safe zone and you may lose your antigravs to that, i know you can since i lost backpack in that place...

     Other place that you can find antigravs in is marked with number 2. It is a little different than the last one, it doesn't have many anomalies surrounding it, only a few electrical near the middle and maybe some fire ones. It also doesn't seem to be having teleporting anomalies however i was teleported to this place by some hidden anomaly in B9-1 or a little to east from there, but be careful, Red Bear is lurking in that area. So this place is a little easier to get going, but it seems to have less witches, you can save close to there on B5-2 if you want to, there is fortification there.

     And we go to next map that is vesuvius:

Locations of antigravs in Vesuvius

     Point number 3 is graveyard that is near scientists camp, it is treacherous place. It is really easy to die in this place mostly because if you want to keep eye on every witch that is spawning there you need to be somewhere inside. Not taking in consideration that there are many anomalies inside, witch can spawn easily on your back and kill you in one hit, going there alone is pretty rough if you want to stay inside and camp for antigravs. Also be careful to not go too close to north gate of cementary since little green monsters are lurking just around corner there and you will be probably dead in seconds :)

     Last map is New Land and here you can find Heaters:

Locations of heaters in New Land

     In point marked with 4 you can find monsters called Yeti, they are dropping heaters when killed. They will not go out of hangars unless you start shooting at them, however you will probably be killed by dogs that are walking all around the place, they will respawn probably before you find your first heater and will go for you without you realising. In those hangars you can also find ammunition in boxes. Heater is useful for crafting and also is used to stop you from freezing, just stay near fire and wait for icon with T to charge up.

     It is all for this article, there is also one place for antigravs on top of Lubech Woods but it is hard to get to and not easy to maneuver in and subject for whole other article.