How to use MGD
Created: 2012-12-23 01:41:00
By far the best way to farm the cash you will need for weapons that are better than the starter shotgun and ak is to search for artifacts and sell them to either the loot vendors or other players.

In order to do artifact farming you are going to need the following

an MGD or AMGD - The MGD can be received for free by doing quests for stalker the bum at the station in Lubech or can first be bought from the science camp at M12 quadrant 2 in lubech forest (map2) for around 2000 rubles. The AMGD can be bought at the science base located in Vesuvius (map3) for 18750 Rubles. I recommend getting an AMGD as soon as you can afford it (and can survive the trip!) as it weighs 5 kilos as opposed to the MGD's 15 and uses less batteries.

Batteries - can be bought from most repairmen or science camps

First you need to find an anomaly. The easiest ones to farm from are the whirlwind ones but most anomalies have a chance of having an artifact in the middle of them.

This window will appear on the left hand side of the screen when you use the MGD from your inventory

If you are standing near an anomaly that has an artifact inside of it you will see a green blinking dot on the screen

What you need to do is move close enough to the anomaly so the green dot is inside the green box

Then you left click the green dot and the 5 boxes below the main screen start displaying arrow keys or numbers

just hit the corresponding arrows or numbers that appear and the artifact will end up in your inventory

What do you do with artifacts?
For now you should be selling them to buy better weapons and gear, new weapons range between 35 and 200k rubles and armor is just as expensive. Artifacts sell for upwards of 30k rubles depending on what ones you find.

Later on as your gear is better and you have a stash of cash built up you are going to want to hold on to artifacts, there are collector vendors in other zones that trade rare weapons and armor for combinations of artifacts.

Known anomaly farming locations

The best place is at this location at Lubech forest (map 2)

It's a short run away from 310 which is a resupply camp but because of its location a lot of others farm here so it can be difficult to find artifacts. Other locations at Lubech forest you can farm at are H7, O7, and K6. Farming isn't limited to these locations however as even a single anomaly by itself has a chance of spawning an artifact.