IconNameGR PricePriceWeightDescription
Preseves Box n/a 1809.0 2.9250 kg  
Boiled Brutor n/a   kg  
Boiled Spider n/a   kg  
Bottle n/a 50.0 0.1000 kg  
Cake n/a   kg  
Cofe n/a   kg  
Coffe Cup n/a   kg  
Cooked Bear Head n/a   kg  
Cooked Boar Ear n/a   kg  
Dessert Verlioka Eye n/a   kg  
Flask n/a   kg  
Greens n/a   kg  
Infusion Blyak n/a   kg  
Infusion Brushnikovka n/a   kg  
Roast Boar Leg n/a   kg  
Roast Dog Heads n/a 750.0 1.5000 kg Dog heads, fried in soy sauce and drenched with cheap wine. Three servings. Small increase in speed (a maximum of 3 servings). Up to 30 minutes.
Roast Jelly Brain n/a   kg  
Spices n/a   kg  
Can of Stale Stew n/a 50.0 0.3250 kg  
Tea n/a   kg  
Tea Holder n/a   kg  
Tushonka n/a   kg  
Verlioka Wing n/a   kg  
Roasted Rat n/a   kg