IconNameGR PricePriceWeightDescription
Artifact Marevo n/a   0.2500 kg A pace of matter invisible to the eye.
Artifact Pillow n/a   kg  
Artifact Shield n/a   0.4000 kg Increase protection against bullet damage, but reduces protection against blasts.
Artifact Antigrav n/a   kg  
Artifact Stabiliser n/a   kg  
Artifact Screen n/a   kg  
Artifact Guide n/a   3.0000 kg The artefact looks like a reddish cloud with small electric flies of blue color and a black flicker in the center. The name "Guide" means it can instantly transfer to almost any place of the Zone. This artefact has a huge value both inside the Zone and beyond its borders.
Artifact Vesuvius n/a   kg  
Artifact Rubber n/a   kg  
Broken Screen n/a   kg  
Artifact Heater n/a   kg